By now you’ll be starting to appreciate just how natural K9 Natural is.

It mimics nature with all-natural ingredients (derived from animals deemed fit for human consumption); those ingredients are species-appropriate; it is free of additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients; and it is 100% raw.

Raw feeding is growing in popularity throughout the world as dog owners come to realise that modern 'convenience' dog foods - often made with foodstuffs rejected for human consumption, or with an excess of species-inappropriate ingredients like grains – may not be in the best interests of their pets. Many vets also share this view and are increasingly recommending a raw feeding approach because of the obvious benefits it has for dogs.

K9 Natural combines the best of both worlds - the benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of an easy-to-store, easy-to-use product that can be feed to all dogs, from puppies to seniors.











So what sort of benefits are there in feeding K9 Natural? There are many, including:

• The reduction/elimination of symptoms of allergies (often caused by grains in the diet)

• Reduced susceptibility to degenerative diseases such as cancer and diabetes

• Excellent muscle definition producing a fitter, leaner appearance

• Greater energy and alertness

• The reduction of hyperactivity

• Easy and effective weight control

• Healthy skin and lustrous coat

• Enhanced oral health including clean teeth and fresh breath (especially if raw bones are a regular part the dog's diet)

• Small, firm stools (which don’t smell revolting and which dry and crumble to dust quickly).