People say Ohpopdog is different.

But all we’re really doing is making clothes we’d want to wear ourselves.

More than anything, we like the idea of expressing our dogs’ personalities through fashion. And what we didn’t expect is the way it helps others see our dogs through our eyes.

We use soft, supple fabrics that we’d wear against our own skin. We often employ stretchy fabrics that allow for comfortable mobility. We style our canine fashion just the way we would our own clothes; for fun, with colour, and with unexpected details designed to delight.

When we look at our dogs we don’t just see animals we can dress up. We see personalities.

Heritage Collection Masthead-03.png

Our designs are inspired by a confluence of our environment,

experiences and love for quirk, and this collection was no exception!

As we passed old shophouses in the Katong area, we were instantly drawn

to the beautiful and diverse range of handmade Peranakan tiles that lined

these structures. It brought back a sense of nostalgia, and we found

ourselves reimagining what tradition would look like in today’s world.

In Straits Mint 17 & Royal Blue 150

Reversible Bed in Straits Mint 17

Bowls in Straits Mint 17 & Royal Blue 150

Raglan in Bibik Pink 14

Bowl in Baba Navy 150

Hoodie in Royal Blue 150

Bowl in Bibik Pink 14

Raglan in Bunga Peach 6

Reversible bed in Bibik Pink 14

Matching Human shorts in Royal Blue 150

Matching Human shorts in Straits Mint 17

Matching Human shorts in Bibik Pink 14

Matching Human shorts in Baba Navy 150

Matching Human shorts in Bunga Peach 6