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A loving pet owner's care and feeding will not conflict with their pet's inherent needs. Instead, they will be in accord with the conditions of the animal's natural habitat.

True to the motto "Living and Eating like they would in the Wild", at Rodipet® you will find a range of foods and supplies tailored exactly to the needs and inspired by the Terra typica of each species.


Pet Foods

Carefully selected delicious herbs, quality seeds, tasty roots and tender vegetables from organic sources remind us of the steppes of central Asia, which are the original habitat of hamsters of the different Phodopus species.


Exercise Wheels

Made in Germany, made from beech and birch woods. Adjustable height, strong, safe and durable Silent Wheels.


The birch plywood we use is resin-free; any glues and binding agents used are perfectly safe for humans and rodents. And since we do not use nails, screws or staples, you can be sure that your pet will not get injured when gnawing his house. 



Natural-themed cage structuring Branches, roots and the likes are natural obstructions that can be found in the natural habitats of all our four-legged friends.

Bedding & Sands

Top bedding for dreaming, relaxing and nest building Bedding toppers are spread over the normal bedding to bring a change of scent and colour to your pet’s home.