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A long, varied and healthy life for your favourite

We specialise in supplies for small mammals that are appropriate for the individual species.

Our work comprises not only constantly searching for appropriate food stuffs and habitat furnishings. Above all else, we develop and manufacture pet supplies that take into account specific species' natural behaviours and matches them as closely as possible.

To carry the Rodipet® brand name, which all products we develop do, our products have to undergo and pass a phase of rigorous testing before going on sale. They also have to fulfil several standards. These are examples of those criteria:

  • no safety risks

  • no health risks

  • animal welfare guidelines are being kept

  • encourage natural behaviour

  • food must be high quality and without additives

Original Rodipet® brand quality

free from coniferous woods
Wooden Rodipet® products are mostly made from high quality birch and beech woods. We do not use coniferous woods.

Rodipet® houses have no floor plates. This makes them as hygienic as possible, increases their life spans and makes them easy to clean and maintain.

appropriately sized
The size of Rodipet® products and especially the width of the entrances stand for species-appropriate pet keeping.

quality controlled
Wooden Rodipet® products are made with love for animals. This includes precise quality craftsmanship from start to finish. 


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