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How to choose the right dog shampoo?

Tips on choosing the right dog shampoo

Every owner wants the best for their dog, but where do we start? Walking into a pet store can be confusing.

There's probably an aisle in the store where all the shampoos are lined and it may seem like every brand is amazing, but choosing the right shampoo for your dog requires consideration. Here are things you should consider whilst shopping for the right shampoo.

Stay away from harmful chemicals

It is always recommended to stay within the dog-shampoos category when you're selecting a shampoo for your dog. Human shampoos might not be suitable for your dog as the human skin is more acidic (pH 5.5) than dog skin (pH 7.5). Human products are balanced to be sympathetic to an acidic scalp. Hence, that same shampoo can be too harsh for a dog and may contain ingredients like artificial colors, fragrances, alcohol, preservatives that are harmful to them.

We always recommend shampoos that are natural, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free and non drying. Natural shampoos are not just safe for your pets, they might even have natural healing properties to aid the recovery of wounds and allergies. Most importantly, natural shampoos will NOT strip off the natural oils on the skin and coat of your dog, whilst providing a clean and thorough wash! Pairing it with a natural conditioner to moisturize both the coat and skin would be ideal!

kin+kind is one of such brand, with it's mission: saving the world, one itchy dog at a time Crafted with essential oil and a natural soap base, it's one of the most affordable natural shampoo brands for dogs in Singapore. They also have an array of specially formulated shampoos to aid different skin requirements and issues your dog might face.

""We know that natural works better. That means we use simple ingredients that harness the power of nature. Our vet-formulated and recommended products are made with a pets-first principle to protect your pets and our planet from unnecessary and harmful chemicals. We make natural products that are safe, affordable, and effective.

All our products are designed, formulated and made by our talented in-house team to ensure the highest efficacy and safety. And of course, nothing is ever tested on animals." -kin+kind Learn more about kin+kind here.

Choose the right shampoo for the right coats Does your dog have a long, short, wire or tangle-prone coat? Different coats require different ways of maintaining to help your dog look its best! Long, thick and fluffy coats will be much easier to maintain with a conditioning after shampooing!

Be aware of allergies

Always check the ingredient list on the product packaging if your dog has allergies! Natural shampoos will normally contain oatmeal or aloe vera to help moisturize the skin and coat. If your dog is allergic to any of the ingredients, you might have to search for another shampoo brand that fits your needs!

Fleas and ticks prevention

Shampoos that offers short-term fleas and ticks prevention can be used to supplement other preventive measures. There are many fleas and tick prevention shampoos in the market, look out for those that use natural ingredients to prevent ticks. You won't want to harm your dog whilst getting rid of those nasty fleas and ticks! Other considerations

The general rule of thumb is to "wash your dog not more than once a month, unless dirty or smelly." The worry would be - washing your dog with shampoos that contains SLS and other chemicals might strip the oil off your dog's skin and coat too much. This may lead to dry skin and other skin irritation. Always opt for a natural or organic shampoo to protect your dog!

There are also odor neutralizers, colognes and waterless-bath products in the market for a fuss-free, worry-free and easy to freshen your pet up remedies.


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